Forget XRP, These Altcoins can Give Better ROI in ‘24

Forget XRP, These Altcoins Can Give Better ROI in ‘24

The crypto market is currently experiencing a notable downturn, particularly highlighted by the recent plunge in Ripple (XRP) value. This decline was triggered by a significant selloff, exacerbated by the exploit of an address belonging to Chris Larsen, Ripple’s Executive Chairman. The incident, which led to a loss of approximately 213 million XRP worth about $112.5 million, has instilled a sense of caution among traders. Despite the clarification that the compromised wallet was Larsen's personal account and not Ripple's, the market reacted negatively, causing Ripple (XRP) to drop to a weekly low. This event has not only affected Ripple (XRP) but has also cast a shadow over the broader market, leading to a decrease in trading volume and a bearish sentiment among investors.


In contrast to the challenges faced by Ripple (XRP), there are emerging opportunities within the crypto space that investors are turning their attention to. These alternatives are being considered by those looking to diversify their portfolios away from more established cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), which has been struggling due to legal issues and market volatility. Each of the below-mentioned coins could potentially offer returns bigger than Ripple (XRP).

ScapesMania: Public Sale Rush!

After a successful presale with over $5 million amassed, ScapesMania is set for its public sale. The CEO announced the Token Generation Event (TGE) in March during a recent AMA session.


The live public sale is exclusive to the ScapesMania website, with no intermediaries involved. You can get the best deal without the hassle or limitations imposed by external platforms: no purchase limits, no need to buy and hold the platform’s token, etc.


In this brisk public sale, only 80 million tokens worth $720,000 are available, and they are set to sell out fast. Join now for a shot at early success before ScapesMania’s major debut.


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ScapesMania's Growth Highlights


Behind ScapesMania's success is a seasoned team with a strong post-listing marketing plan prepared. The project has already secured top spots on presale trackers, gaining support from crypto influencers.


Holding ScapesMania tokens is all about active engagement, offering benefits like token buyback, burn, staking, extra bonuses, and referral rewards.


The emphasis on long-term value and practical application sets ScapesMania apart from any crypto fads.


Safety is paramount – BlockSAFU audited ScapesMania's smart contract. With the support of the 2023 BNB Grant-winning developer, success is on the horizon.


The social media community around the project is thriving, with 60,000+ followers and counting.


Seize the Moment!

With a limited Public Sale pool, $MANIA tokens are disappearing swiftly. Get involved now, before ScapesMania takes the spotlight on popular exchanges. 

The clock is ticking – don't let this golden opportunity slip away!

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Ondo (ONDO): A New Beacon in DeFi Space

Ondo (ONDO) has recently captivated the DeFi community, experiencing an astronomical surge of 2,500% following its token unlock. This remarkable ascent has placed Ondo (ONDO) at the forefront of discussions within crypto circles. Its integration with Flux Finance, a lending protocol, allows DeFi enthusiasts to lend their stablecoins to investors seeking exposure to Ondo (ONDO) tokenized securities.


The token's dramatic rise from $0.01 at unlock to over $0.26 underscores the immense market enthusiasm surrounding its potential. This surge reflects not only the speculative interest but also the perceived value of Ondo (ONDO) innovative approach to DeFi and securities tokenization. The future of Ondo (ONDO) looks promising, given its unique position in the DeFi space and the backing of significant players in the crypto industry. 

Sei (SEI): Pioneering Speed and Reliability in Trading

Sei (SEI) distinguishes itself as a specialized Layer 1 blockchain designed to optimize trading operations. It aims to provide exchanges with unmatched speed, scalability, and reliability, boasting a high throughput and transaction finality within 380 milliseconds. Sei (SEI) commitment to security and its open-source nature, featuring native frontrunning protection and interoperability, positions it as a formidable contender in the blockchain space.


The technical analysis suggests a bullish outlook for Sei (SEI), with potential resistance levels indicating upward price movements. However, the market's volatile nature means that Sei (SEI) could also face downward pressures, highlighting the importance of monitoring support levels closely. Sei (SEI) innovative approach to blockchain technology for trading operations presents significant growth opportunities. 

Hashflow (HFT): Bridging Chains with Innovation

Hashflow 2.0 marks a significant milestone by integrating support for Solana, positioning itself as the first DEX to facilitate cross-chain trading between Ethereum and Solana. This development not only enhances Hashflow (HFT) offerings but also underscores its commitment to innovation and interoperability in the DeFi space.


The launch of Hashflow 2.0 and its pioneering cross-chain trading capability are likely to influence its market perception positively. The integration with Solana could attract a broader user base, potentially impacting its trading value favorably. The future of Hashflow appears bright as it continues to break new ground in cross-chain trading.


The crypto market's current landscape, marked by the downturn of established cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), is paving the way for emerging altcoins to shine. ScapesMania's gaming-related proposition and strong ongoing public sale indicate that it perhaps is the most promising project in today’s line-up.