Into the Future: What the Current XRP Price Tells Us About Shiba Memu's Future Valuation

After Ripple’s recent win against the SEC, XRP made headlines with its dramatic price surge. Some speculated that this positive sentiment could spill over into Shiba Memu’s presale. But what is Shiba Memu, and why are investors so bullish on it? Read on to discover why Shiba Memu is positioned for explosive growth against recent XRP price bullishness. 

What is Shiba Memu, and how does it work?

Meme coins typically rely on hype and viral trends to make their mark in cryptocurrency. Shiba Memu, however, dances to a different tune—it doesn't wait for the spotlight; it creates it. Leveraging advanced AI, Shiba Memu markets itself across the web with finesse and precision, usually reserved for expensive corporate campaigns. 

So, what exactly does Shiba Memu do? It generates, optimizes, and rolls out targeted marketing strategies to capture investor interest and drive engagement. It’s like having 100 ad agencies all working around the clock, each assisting with AI's near-limitless power. 

Shiba Memu can even learn and evolve. If a marketing strategy flops, Shiba Memu pivots. If it hits gold, it builds upon it. This feedback loop creates a dynamic, ever-evolving marketing machine on a relentless mission to climb the crypto leaderboard.

This concept has clearly struck a chord with the crypto community: since its presale launch in July, the project has pulled in over $3.8m. Overwhelmed by community demand, the Shiba Memu team extended the presale by another 60 days until the end of October. Why? Many cited wanting to let others benefit from the daily price increases.

That’s right—SHMU has been growing every day in presale by $0.000225. By the time the presale concludes, Shiba Memu's value is expected to soar by 240%. 

XRP’s price shot up following landmark SEC decision

Let's shift gears and talk about XRP, a cryptocurrency with a different focus and history. XRP aims to streamline the process of cross-border transactions, especially for major financial institutions. Its goal is to replace the traditional SWIFT system with a cheaper, quicker, and more transparent network. 

Financial giants like American Express and Santander have already dipped their toes in the XRP pool, exploring its capability to transform the global financial system. But it hasn't been smooth sailing for XRP; bearish Ripple news came in the form of a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that began in 2020. 

The SEC alleged that XRP is an unregistered security, and the two parties had been locked in a courtroom tussle for months, leading to significant volatility in the XRP price. However, hugely positive Ripple news emerged when a US District Judge ruled that XRP isn’t necessarily a security in all cases. 

Following the release, the XRP price shot up over 70%, surging from around $0.47 to roughly $0.71 almost overnight. While XRP has since settled back around $0.51, this newfound energy in XRP's market behavior begs the question—what does this mean for other cryptocurrencies like Shiba Memu?

What does the current XRP price tell us about Shiba Memu’s future?

The recent Ripple news serves as a testament to the power of market sentiment. XRP's price soared over 70% following the legal win, and the coin has been looking positive since June, reflecting rising demand in one of the largest cryptocurrencies. This positivity bodes well for Shiba Memu. 

As market conditions look increasingly bullish, they align nicely with many optimistic predictions for this new project. Shiba Memu, armed with AI-driven marketing strategies and overwhelming community enthusiasm, seems well-positioned to capitalize on the bullish market winds.

XRP price prediction

Given its recent legal victory and the uptrend over the past few months, XRP is poised for growth. Market experts suggest that XRP will likely retest the $0.90 to $1 mark by the end of the year. While the SEC says it’ll appeal the decision and Ripple’s executives still face lawsuits, it’s hard to discount the overwhelming positive sentiment surrounding XRP. It’s certainly one to watch closely in the coming months.

Shiba Memu price prediction

The positive outlook for XRP’s price also bodes well for Shiba Memu, beyond its innovative concept and presale success. Concluding its presale at $0.0379, SHMU is projected to skyrocket after its imminent listing on Bitmart. Considering the bullish market conditions, expectations are high for SHMU to reach the $0.40 mark as we move more toward the bull market.

XRP or Shiba Memu? The answer is clear

While XRP looks like a strong buy, the opportunity Shiba Memu presents can’t be overlooked. With its revolutionary AI-driven marketing, SHMU seems highly undervalued in presale, offering a ground-floor opportunity that could soon prove very fruitful. The presale window is closing at the end of October; don't miss the chance to grab a slice of this up-and-coming crypto sensation.

You can participate in the SHMU presale now.